RailsConf Europe 2007 (Day 1: Why am I so stressed?)

Posted by Shoaib on September 18, 2007

Although for most attendees the conference started at 8.00AM our day at the conference didn’t begin until 12 noon, as first-time speakers at RailsConf Europe 07. The reason being all the late night partying… ahem …. I mean talk practice sessions we had been doing. It was beautiful sunny day with a t-shirt temperature of 24 degrees.

Lunch at the conference was very elaborate, grand and delicious. After setting up the Audio Visual at 12.30 Kashif, Aleks and I ate some lunch and waited patiently for the approaching talk.

At 1PM folks started to trickle in and by 1.30PM over a 150 people were packed in the brightly lit ball-room. I must say it was fairly daunting to see so many bums on seats.

And so we got started on time and as it often happens with talks after lunch you could notice some people yawning … especially when you have a buffet of that magnitude! Anyways the talk went according to plan. We got a few interested attendees who chatted with us about their particular applications. Feed back after the talk from a handful of people so far has been positive saying it contained a lot of very useful information and was well worth attending. Some may have found it a bit overwhelming but all were confident that the hand-out we provided was going to help overcome that issue. We will be following up on some questions with blog entries so look out for a tutorial on setting up the Rails GeoStack on Mac OSX, references to free geocoded address databases and free routing applications and web services.

Kashif & Aleks haven’t been getting much sleep lately due to all the hard work they put into the Rails GIS Hacks tutorial and so after the talk Aleks left to get some rest (as she has a d’day party to attend tonight) and Kashif is also fast asleep as I write this.

What happened to the cognac? The infamous bottle of cognac seems to have mysteriously disappeared – I am waiting to ask Aleks about it when she returns from the party.


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